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Full Circle Cardboard Recycling Programme

Cardboard or paper based recycling is nothing new to the world.  However with the vast array of printing processes currently available, we have seen many ”recycling” companies refuse to take printed cardboard and paper based products.  
These companies are only after natural untainted card for their recycling process which is sent overseas to be recycled into other paper based products. Torque has partnered with OJI New Zealand and their Full Circle Recycling Programme.
OJI accept ALL printed card and paper materials. This is then sent to their pulping plant in New Zealand where it is broken down and used to produce recycled packaging products and in many cases the very stocks that we print our customers POS elements on. 
This programme offers commercial scale recycling but closes the loop for printed cardboard and paper based products.  
To learn more about Torques sustainable print solutions, please get in touch:
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