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Sustainability at Torque

Torque is committed to minimising our impact on the environment and helping to create a healthy world for our future generations to enjoy.


Being a large converter of many materials through our print production process we realise it is our responsibility to educate our customers and theirs around sustainable products and production processes that have positive impacts on the environment.  


This means introducing a combination of paper based products made from sustainable forestry and recycled pulp through to reducing PVC based products to PVC-Free,  PET and PP based products that can then be recycled or upcycled into new products.


Not all paper based products work for the application so replacing these with more enviro-favourable products is a great solution.


We have also been working closely with our supply chain and local companies to reduce the impact from our Auckland production facility. This means implementing a range of environmental policies and procedures around our in-house production plant, further investment into new environmental-friendly production equipment and working on recycling programmes tailored to our customer requirements.


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