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Digital Printing

Ranging from premium point of display material to comprehensive corporate roll-outs, Torque Digital is a one stop shop for all of your digital printing needs.


    • Entry boxes are made from e-flute or b-flute and digitally cut to form a box
    • Perfect for trade shows, in store promotions and other competitions
    • Standard or fully customised options available
    • Affordable option to add to your promotional arsenal
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Canvas Prints

  • Image digitally printed onto canvas and stretched over a 35mm wooden frame
  • Perfect for creating striking piece of art or classy form of advertising
  • Ideal for both residential and corporate wall space
  • Custom sizes available
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Cling Film

  • Thin plastic film that “clings” to different surfaces with microdot technology
  • Best used on glass surfaces but can be applied on other smooth surfaces such as plastic and metal
  • Vibrant full-colour, customised window clings perfect for all types of signage
  • Free of adhesive so can be easily removed, repositioned and reused
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Window Graphics

  • From temporary graphics to permanent solutions we have you covered
  • Privacy or promotion
  • Printed or vinyl cut
  • Digitally cut graphics or reverse printed
  • Graffiti guard available
  • Perfect for privacy and signage
  • Nationwide installation
  • One way vision
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Banner Rail System

  • Aluminium rails hold the poster in place
  • Simple and cost effect retail display option
  • Plastic gripper rails
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Fabric Media Walls

  • Easy to set-up and easy to dismantle
  • Pop-up walls are good for events and exhibitons
  • Often used as sponsors wall or a photo wall
  • Can be made from fabric or pvc vinyl
  • Easily changeout skins for different events
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Lightbox Prints

  • More likely to catch a potential customers eye than normal signs or posters
  • Good for hospitality venues or areas where light levels can be low
  • Custom lightboxes available for special signage requirements
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Standard Pull Up Banner

  • Robust and professional looking
  • Freestanding, retractable and portable display unit
  • Perfect for indoor events, conferences, trade shows and any other promotional needs
  • Affordable
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  • Light weight, soft core and white substrate
  • Well suited to indoor point of sale displays
  • Premium printable service
  • Available in varying thicknesses – 5mm, 10mm, 20mm
  • For 10mm and 20mm thicknesses the edgeing can be capped in black or white capping
  • Can be digitally cut to shape
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  • Paylite is a robust PVC substrate with smooth faces
  • Used in point of sale displays and signage
  • Available in different thicknesses – 2mm, 3mm and 6mm
  • Mainly used for indoor application
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Blackboard Boxes


  • 15mm Feather Plywood
  • Blackboard Paint
  • Oce 660XT – UV Flatbed
  • Zund G3 0 Router Cutter
  • Biscuit Snap System
  • Custom Bags
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Entry Box

  • Entry boxes are made from e-flute or b-flute and digitally cut to form a box
  • Perfect for trade shows, in store promotions and other competitions
  • Standard or fully customised options available
  • Affordable option to add to your promotional arsenal
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Drop Banners

  • Drop banners are pefect for indoor displays and events
  • Provide a far more premium look than other digitally printed materials
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Various sizes and finishing options available
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  • Various poster stocks to choose from
  • Roll to roll or sheet fed
  • Cut to shape if required using our digital cutting machines
  • Laminated or unlaminated stocks
  • Synthetic, coated or uncoated paper stocks
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  • Hardy and professional looking free standing unit
  • Perfect for travelling to tradeshows and events where luggage needs to be a minimum
  • Easy to assemble and there are no special finishing requirements
  • Fabric carry bag and hardware only weighs 3.5kg
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Business Cards

  • Range of options
  • Single or double sided
  • 300-350gsm premium quality card or varying substrates
  • Laminated or unlaminated options if required
  • Ability to spot gloss or emboss cards
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Footpath Signs

  • Good to engage customers in retail environments
  • Rigid PVC or ACM panels provide double-sided advertising
  • Anchored in a high quality PVC water base
  • Standard 800mm x 600mm size available but can request custom sizes
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  • Frame joins together to create an x shape to support the graphic
  • Graphic is separate from display hardware, so you can easily change graphics
  • You can use different materials like fabrics, pvc banners, laminated papers and so on
  • Perfect product to change graphics and display size
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Yuppo Posters

  • Synthetic
  • Waterproof
  • Popular stock choice for point of sale printing
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  • Aluminium Composite Material has a polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 thin aluminium panels
  • Excellent flatness and stiffness
  • Ideal for both indoor and exterior applications
  • Can print direct or apply vinyl to the ACM
  • Torque can router cut to shape or v-cut to create free standing display units
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Wall Wraps

  • Digitally printed wall wraps allow you to make interior spaces uniquely yours
  • Can be used to create a unique retail experience, to showcase your company’s logo or for informational displays
  • Permanent or temporary application
  • The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild
  • Looking for inspiration? Our creative team can help
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  • Plastic substrate with two smooth surfaces
  • Premium high end finish perfect for signage and promotional material
  • Available in either 3.3mm or 6.4mm thickness
  • Digital knife cut
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Snap Frames

  • Poster displays to make your message stand out
  • Easy to change out graphics
  • Perfect for point of sale requirements
  • Aluminium finish with mitred corners and come with a PVC cover sheet
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Floor Graphics

  • Attention grabbing
  • Uncluttered promotional area as the floor is often not fully utilised for promotion
  • Good for short-term campaigns
  • Cost effective promotion
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors with a wide range of solutions for these different situations
  • Removable and can be easily disposed of
  • Certified anti slip laminate
  • Nationwide installation
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  • Good for spreading awareness of your brand
  • Ensure your customers are kept informed of news and offers
  • Varying substrates available for printing on
  • Cost effective marketing
  • Full colour, matt or gloss, single or double sided
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Pull Up – Prestige

  • Premium, freestanding, retractable display
  • Ideal for indoor events, conferences, presentations, trade shows and any other space where promotional collateral is needed
  • Light weight and easy to assemble
  • Comes in fabric carry bag
  • Can be fitted with blockout media or satin fabric
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  • Printed plywood looks amazing
  • Used as art prints, point of sale display units or signage
  • Torque can router cut to any shape
  • Gaboon ply otherwise know as marine ply provides the best results
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  • Perfect for short term promotional signage such as real estate signs, point of sale displays, standees and wayfinding signage
  • Can digitally cut to any shape
  • Available in different thicknesses – 3mm, 5mm and 8mm
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Digital Printing


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Digital Printing


View Services